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Inner Cell Shot

CURRENT STATE: Finished post-production on parts one and three, still creating footage for middle scenes.

Update: Finished video can be seen in my completed animation.

DESCRIPTION: This footage sets the scene for comparing cytosolic and mitochondrial acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. 

2D Animatic

This animatic was used to determine the timing of this sequence as well planning out how I was going to show multiple enzymes binding and converting substrates. The final product looks significantly different from the 2D animatic. 


Production & Post-production

Because the textures on the objects in this scene caused high render times, the scene was broken down into foreground and background and then heavily edited in After Effects (see video to the right). To show acetaldehyde dehydrogenase converting substrate to products, I used a MASH network with an ID node coupled to a Falloff object with an expanding radius. 

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